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Emergency preparedness
Be Ready DC: Get Involved; Make a Plan, Make a Go Kit; and Be Aware

Create a plan for you and your family using this application.

 Public safety
Bus Stop Change Service Request - red and grey double-length bus pulling up to a bus stop

The bus stop is a critical element in a transit system’s provision of safe, timely, and convenient transportation.

Public works service icon
photo of a granite curb and brick-lined gutter on District street

You can request curb and gutter repairs by calling the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at 311 or completing a service request online using the District government's

Public safety
Red phone and fire extinguisher

Inspection of residential dwellings are available by appointment.

Public safety
Red phone and fire extinguisher

የመኖሪያ ቤቶች ፍተሻ በቀጠሮ ማግኘት ይችላሉ።

Public safety
Red phone and fire extinguisher

ቀይ ስልክ እና እሳት ማጥፊያ

Public safety
Red phone and fire extinguisher

Des inspections des logements résidentiels sont disponibles sur rendez-vous. Ces inspections sont menées gratuitement par la Division des pompiers du Département des Services d’incendie et médicaux d’urgence du District de Columbia.

Public safety
Téléphone rouge et extincteur

Des inspections des logements résidentiels sont disponibles sur rendez-vous.

Public safety

可预约住宅检查。这些检查由哥伦比亚特区消防及紧急医疗服务部 (F&EMS) 消防分部执行。提供检查报告和建议。也可申请后续预约。我们提供此项服务的目标是确保住宅杜绝火灾危险和安全违规。请致电 (202) 727-1614。
联系 TTY: 

Public safety
Red phone and fire extinguisher

Se ofrecen inspecciones de viviendas con reserva previa de horario. Estas inspecciones se realizan como cortesía de la División de Bomberos del Departamento de Bomberos y Servicios de Emergencia Médica del Distrito de Columbia.

Streets and Public Places service icon
Photo of DDOT worker showing people how to spray pavement marking arrow

Request crosswalk lines, turn arrows, lane dividers or bike lane pavement marking installion or repair using the District government's Service Request Center

Police Service Area Finder
Police Service Area (PSA) Finder logo

Every resident lives in a Police Service Area (PSA), and every PSA has a team of police officers and officials assigned to it. Each police district has between seven and nine PSAs. There are a total of 56 PSAs in the District of Columbia.

Public Works service icon
DDOT Pothole Repair - pothole machine at work

The District's standard is to repair potholes within three days of reporting.

Emergency Preparednes icon
Various emergency management team supplies and materials

Request emergency team materials, including Go-Kits, information sheets, first aid kits and more.

 Streets, public places and traffic
Street Repair - a DDOT crew working next to an orange dump truck and an orange asphalt depositor repairing a city street

Street repairs can include damage or wear-and-tear to roadways in the District.

Streets, public places and traffic
Photo of badly cracked painted street crossing area of a city roadway needing utilities cut off prior to repairs

DDOT ensures that all utility cuts are in compliance with the District's permitting guidelines and that public space is properly restored within District Standard Specifications to ensure safety.