Washington, DC

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Utility Cut

Utility companies that operate in the District often must access their power, water, and gas lines that lie beneath the city's streets and sidewalks. When the work is completed, the utilities are responsible for restoring the roadway, and DDOT ensures that all utility cuts are in compliance with the District's permitting guidelines and that public space is properly restored within District Standard Specifications to ensure safety.

If you know of a utility cut that needs to be repaired, please call the Mayor's Citywide Call Center at
311 or completing a service request online using the District government's Service Request Center. Identify the specific location (i.e. address, intersection), how many utility cuts are present, and their size.

A service request will then be put into the tracking system, and you will receive a service request number. DDOT will send an inspector to investigate and to coordinate the repairs with the appropriate utility company.

Scheduled Response Time

Utility Cut inspection: 10 days

DDOT's standard is to investigate and respond to utility cut repair requests within the timeframe as indicated. Call the Mayor's Citywide Sevice Request Center at 311 or (202) 727-1000 if the problem hasn't been resolved by the specified time of completion. Reference your service request number.

Service Need

To ensure utility cuts in the District's right-of-way are properly restored.

Service at a Glance

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Utility Cut
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Photo of badly cracked painted street crossing area of a city roadway needing utilities cut off prior to repairs
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