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Juvenile Firesetter's Intervention Program

The Facts

  • Fires and burns are the leading causes of injury and death to children.
  • Children are twice as likely as adults to die in a fire.
  • Even toddlers can start a fire with a match or a lighter.
  • Of every 100 people who die in child-set fires, 85 are children.
  • A firesetter is a child under the age of 18 who has accidentally or purposely set a fire.

The Program

The Juvenile Firesetter's Intervention Program is a four week intervention program which services children between the ages 2-17 who have exhibited fire related behavior. The program is designed to enlighten parents and children about fire safety and the consequences of fire. Not only does this program assess the child's need for educational services, it also provides education for children who have not set a fire but have been involved in a fire incident or displays a curiosity about fire.

Step One: Referrals

Primarily, referrals are made by members of the fire department and the juvenile court who come in contact with juveniles who are involved in fire incidents; however, anyone who cares about the safety of our children (parents, family, friends, neighbors, or others) can call for help or complete the referral form link below.

Referral Form

Step Two: Program Entry Forms (Complete after program manager’s direction)

Once you have been contacted by the program manager, you will be directed to this section to complete the intake forms as follows:

In order to provide services for your child, please complete the parent forms in their entirety.

1. Fill in all required and applicable information requested. There are 5 (five) pages you must read and complete.

  • All required information is noted by an asterisk (*).
  • Do not select the Signature Here options located on the forms until you have completely finished reviewing and completing all the forms. You must finish reviewing and completing all 5 (five) pages before you can sign.

2. Follow the prompts for creating your electronic signature and apply your signature to the required 3 (three) places throughout the packet.

  • Please note that you will need to check the checkmark of the following statement provided in English: “I agree to electronically sign and to create a legally binding contract between the other party and myself, or the entity I am authorized to represent ”

3. Once you have applied your signature to all the required forms, select Finalize and Submit located in the bottom right hand corner. Once they are completed, please sign and click the submit button in the bottom right corner.

https://forms.dc.gov/f/FEMS_JFSForms ( Please open in Google Chrome)

For further information contact:
The Juvenile Firesetter's Intervention Program
(202) 727-2215 or (202) 345-7119

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