Washington, DC

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Doing business in DC
License Application Submission and Issuance
Consumer protection
License Verification and Status
Emergency preparedness
Welcome to the www.makeaplan.dc.gov our home on the web for family emergency planning! Creating your family’s emergency plan is an important step in being prepared for emergencies and keeping your family safe.
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OneCityMap allows citizens access to Government data and provide a tool for quick mapping by location and time.
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The Master Address Repository (MAR) is a database of building addresses, intersections and other location identifiers in the District.
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The monthly Mobile Retail Vendor lottery will initiate on the first of each month.
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OCP is required to post contract awards valued at $100,000 or more for agencies served by OCP.
Education and schools
Childcare providers can track ACH payment using this tool.
Transportation and motor vehicles
Plan Your Trip by Metro
Doing business in DC
Postcard Permit Application and Issuance
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Property Information Verification System Application
Purchase SmarTrip for Metro
A locator to help find recreation centers and pools within the District of Columbia.
Taxes and payments
Refund Status Inquiry
Doing business in DC
Renewal or Duplicate Basic Business License
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Department on Disability Services, Rehabilitation Services Administration, locations and map.
Small Business Resource Center Application
The District of Columbia Small Business Resource Center (SBRC) is your gateway to information and services that can help you start and strengthen your business in the District.
Get snow information based on a location.
Contracts and procurement icon
Index of Opportunities Solicitation/Application Listing