Washington, DC

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taxes and payments icon
Default image of the DC flag being held in a hand

OTR has created this gateway to help tax practitioners easily find the information and services they need when serving their clients

Streets, public places and traffic
Photo of badly cracked painted street crossing area of a city roadway needing utilities cut off prior to repairs

DDOT ensures that all utility cuts are in compliance with the District's permitting guidelines and that public space is properly restored within District Standard Specifications to ensure safety.

Children and youth services
photo of baby next to photo of mother

Current and former foster youth and their immediate birth family members who got separated in the District’s foster care system now have a way to find each other again.

Returning Citizen Resource Locator
DC Watershed Map logo

DC Water operates a wastewater collection system comprised of "separate" and "combined" sewers. Since the early 1900's, sewers constructed within the District have been separate systems and no new combined sewer system (CSS) have been built.

Wi-fi Coverage Area on the National Mall
Wi-fi Coverage Area on the National Mall logo

A “hotspot” is a site where anyone with a computer or other device with Wi-Fi capability can come and browse the Internet for free using the District’s wireless network.

Police Service Area Finder
Police Service Area (PSA) Finder logo

እያንዳንዱ ኗሪ፣ የፖሊስ አገልግሎት በሚገኝበት ቦታ (Police Service Area (PSA) ነው የሚኖረው። እያንዳንዱ ፖሊስ የሚገኝበት ቦታ ደግሞ በቦታው የተመደበ የፖሊሶችና የፖሊስ ባለስልጣናት ቡድን የያዘ ነው። በዲስትሪክት ኦፍ ኮሎምብያ ውስጥ 56 የተለያዩ የፖሊስ ቡድኖች አሉ። እያንዳንዱ ዲስትሪክት ወይም ቀበሌ ደግሞ ከሰባት እስከ ዘጠኝ የሚደርሱ ቡድኖች አሉት። የመላው ከተማ የፖሊስ ጣብያዎች የአገልግሎት ቦታዎችን የሚያሳየው ማፈላለግያ፤ የዲስትሪክት ኦፍ

Police Service Area Finder
Police Service Area (PSA) Finder logo

每个居民都居住在警察服务区 (PSA),每个 PSA 都分配有一组由警察和官员组成的团队。每个警察区都有七到九个PSAs。哥伦比亚特区共有 56 个 PSAs。大都市警察局的公共服务区定位器提供了哥伦比亚特区特定位置的地理边界。




Police Service Area Finder
Police Service Area (PSA) Finder logo

모든 주민은 경찰 서비스 지역(PSA)에 거주하며 각 PSA에는 경찰과 공무원으로 구성된 팀이 배정되어 있습니다. 각 경찰 구역에는 7~9개의 PSA가 있으며, 컬럼비아 특별구 전체에는 총 56개의 PSA가 있습니다. 수도권 지역 경찰청의 공공 서비스 지역 위치 찾기 도구는 컬럼비아 특별구의 특정 위치에 대한 지리적 경계를 제공합니다.