Washington, DC

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Tickets and fines service icon
photo of car with clamp

DPW enforces District parking restrictions by booting, towing and impounding "boot-eligible" vehicles.

public works and sanitation utilities
public side street

DPW collects dead animals from public spaces only – the sidewalk, street or alley. We do not go on private property to remove a dead animal. If you see a dead animal in public space, please contact 311 to open a service request to have it removed.

Transportation and motor vehicles service icon
photo of a tow truck

DPW maintains a customer service phone line for residents or visitors wishing to locate their towed vehicle.

environment and sustainabilty icon
Home Energy Audits

Frequently requested green services from recycling to rodents.

Public Works service icon
Pothole Repair on street

The District's standard is to repair potholes within three days of reporting.

Streets, public places and traffic
Tow truck with a car on its wench

The DPW Parking Enforcement Management Administration provides for ticketing, towing, booting, impoundment and removal of abandoned and dangerous vehicles.

Sanitation service icon
photo of trash being collected

DPW collects trash once or twice per week or large, bulky items by appointment.