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More Green Services

Request a trash or recycling bin

The Department of Public Works (DPW) offers two ways to request a trash or recycling bin:
1) Call the Citywide Call Center at 311.
2) Submit a service request online through 311.dc.gov.

Request a tree be planted on my street

The Urban Forestry Administration, as part of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), oversees a program to plant trees in the public right-of-way on District streets. There are two ways to make a request:

1) If your street has an empty tree box, call the Citywide Call Center at 311. All planting requests must be received by June 15th, in order to be met during the October-April planting season.
2) If your street doesn't have an empty tree box, you may request a new tree box by calling the DDOT Public Space Administration via the Citywide Call Center (311).

Dispose of potentially hazardous items, such as electronics or compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)

The Department of Public Works holds regular Household Hazardous Waste collection days. Please visit the DPW site for a list of accepted materials.

Programs to help residents or businesses conserve energy

The District Department of the Environment's Energy Office has a number of resources to promote energy conservation efforts. Residential Conservation Assistance Services oversees rebates, energy audits and weatherization assistance. For many programs, applicants must meet income eligibility criteria. A small business program also exists to help these businesses identify energy efficiency measures that they can take.

For more information call the Energy Office at (202) 673-6750.

Test for the presence of radon in my home

The District Department of the Environment's Air Quality Division offers free radon test kits to District residents. To obtain a free kit, please fill out and submit the Radon Testing Kit Request Form. Once you receive the kit, it will include instructions on how to perform a radon test using the materials provided. You will then be instructed to mail the test samples to a lab, which will notify you of the results.

Conserve Water

The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority has a series of  tips on how to reduce water use. They include guides to water conservation and instructions on installing water-saving devices.

Report a rodent problem

Rodent problems can be reported by calling 311. All complaints are directed to the Department of Health. In addition, the Department of Health offers information on measures that residents and businesses can take to minimize rodent issues. You can also print the flyer here.

Seasonal Services:

Fall leaf collection dates and procedures

The Department of Public Works provides leaf collection services each fall and winter. Leaves may either be bagged or raked into tree boxes for collection. In addition, residents may drop off leaves for free at the Fort Totten Transfer Station. An exact leaf collection scheduled will be announced each year in early fall. For more information, visit the Leaf Collection site. In addition, for information or to request service, call 311 or visit  311.dc.gov.

Dispose of a Christmas tree

The Department of Public Works provides Christmas tree pick-up each year during a set time period in January. Undecorated, bare trees should be placed curbside during this period-all trees collected during the scheduled period will be shredded into gardening mulch. If you dispose of your tree after the tree pick-up ends, you should place your tree with your garbage on your usual collection day.

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