Washington, DC

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Online Services

transportation and motor vehicles
The DDOT Compendium lists policies and procedures for managing the District's transportation network and public space.
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Traffic camera live image feed.
This portal walks you through a simple virtual checklist of all the licenses you need to start and maintain your business.
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A searchable database of the DC GIS Data Catalog.
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An online application for funding that District residents use to apply for the DCTAG program
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Online enrollment form for DC One Card
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Login page for DC One Card
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Online DC Public Library locator app
Jobs and employment
Online employment application to apply for jobs with District of Columbia Schools.
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Property search by address or square, suffix and lot.
Emergency preparedness
Online registry for medical and non-medical volunteers of the Department of Health.
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DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP) and DC GIS retail site search for the district.
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Locations of services and resources available to returning citizens of the District of Columbia.
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Sex offender registration program for the District of Columbia.
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Make a comment or suggestion about the DC government website to help us improve the site.
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Identify the DCPS Feeder schools you or your child may attend.
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View and compare information about DC public schools.
Jobs and employment
Retirement benefit calculator for DC police, firefighters and teachers.
An extranet for members of DC Destination gives members access to receiving and responding to sales leads, updating your publication and website listings, and viewing the most current 2-year Meetings and Conventions Calendar.