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Voluntary Foster Care Registry

Current and former foster youth and their immediate birth family members who got separated in the District’s foster care system now have a way to find each other again. When both parties enroll in the Voluntary Foster Care Registry, the DC Child and Family Services Agency can let them know how to contact each other.


People eligible to enroll must be over age 18 and:

  • Currently or previously the subject of a child abuse or neglect case in the District.
  • A birth parent who lost touch with a son or daughter in the District child welfare system.
  • A birth sibling separated from brothers or sisters in the District child welfare system.

While the Voluntary Foster Care Registry does not search for people, it will connect family members who enroll to find each other.


To sign up:

  1. Download and print the VFCR Registration Form.
  2. Complete the form,
  3. Get it notarized, and
  4. Follow instructions to return the formt to CFSA.

For more information, see the VFCR FAQs or contact the Voluntary Foster Care Registry at [email protected] or (202) 442-6188.

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