Washington, DC

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Interpretation/Quality Control Services

Interpretation/Quality Control Services

MOLA supports DC government agencies and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) serving Latino constituents by providing quality control of written communications in Spanish.

DC government agencies or CBOs in need of quality control can call or email our Language Access team [[email protected] or [email protected]] with their requests.

Our office also supports by lending interpretation equipment (devices) to government agencies and CBOs that will provide simultaneous interpretation services in Spanish. Equipment loan requests can be submitted by completing this form [IE FORM.pdf ] and emailing it to our Language Access team [[email protected] or [email protected]].


Being an Interpreter

In order to ensure language access to LEPs and NEPs, government agencies count on a roster of DC-based translators and interpreters that they can contract to provide services. The requirements to become a translator or interpretation provider are:

  • A translation/Interpretation Certificate from an accredited institution.
  • Be registered as a Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) in the District of Columbia.



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Interpretation/Quality Control Services
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Language Access and Advocacy Program
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Monday to Friday, except District holidays, 9 am to 5 pm.
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(202) 671-2825
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(202) 673-4557
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(202) 671-2825
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