Washington, DC

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Upcoming Street Closures to Plan Your Week

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Media Contacts

Reggie Sanders, (202) 671-5124, Reggie.Sanders@dc.gov
Michelle Phipps-Evans, (202) 497-0124, michelle.phipps-evans@dc.gov

(Washington, DC) Following are activities, which may impact drivers and pedestrians moving around the District. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) urges those taking part in the events to be aware of upcoming road closures. 

Event: State of the Union Address

Tuesday , January 20
Time: 9 pm -11 pm

Parking Restrictions

Parking restrictions will be in effect Tuesday, January 20, until 11:59 pm on the following streets:

  • Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, from 3rd Street to15th Street both sides
  • Third Street, NW, from C Street, NW, to Independence Avenue, SW, both sides
  • Independence Avenue, SW, from 3rd to 7th Street, SW, both sides
  • 15th Street between Independence Avenue, SW and New York Avenue,, NW (both sides of the street)
  • Constitution Avenue, NW, between 1st Street NW and 4th Street, NW (both sides of the street)

Parking Restriction times-3 pm-11:59 pm

  •        Unit/100 Blk E Street, NW on the north and south sides
  •        NJ Avenue, NW, on the east side /Washington Court Hotel

DDOT will provide emergency liaisons officers and support

US Secret Service and the Metropolitan Police Department will handle street closures


Event: March for Life Rally/March

Date: Thursday  January 22

Time: Noon to 3 pm

Walk Route: Begins at 14th Street, NW, to walk to the US Capitol

Parking Restrictions will be in effect on Thursday, January 22 from 5 am to 7 pm on the following streets:

  •        600 block of F Street, NW – North and South Sides
  •        6th Street, N.W. from E to G Streets, NW – East and West Sides
  •        3rd Street from Independence Avenue, SE to Pennsylvania Avenue, NW – East and West Sides
  •        4th Street from Independence Avenue, SE to Pennsylvania Avenue, NW– East and West Sides
  •        7th Street from Independence Avenue, SE to Constitution Avenue, NW – East and West Sides

DDOT providing traffic control support. MPD handling street closures.


Event: BET Honors

Date: Saturday January 24

Time: 7 pm -9 pm

Location:  Warner Theatre  

Street Closures/Times:
Friday January 23, 12 pm to Sunday January 25, 2 am

  •        E Street NW between 12th and 13th Street

Saturday, January 24, 6 am to Sunday, January 25 at 2 am.

  •        Westbound lane on Pennsylvania Avenue NW between 11th and 13th Street
  •        13th Street NW between F Street and Pennsylvania Avenue
  •        Northbound lane of 12th Street NW between Constitution Avenue and E Street

MPD handling street closures

DDOT providing support as requested by Office of Motion Pictures



Visit goDCgo.com for more information on transportation options in the District