Washington, DC

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Soccer Stadium Preliminary Planning Documents Released for Public Review

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
City Administrator releases draft Buzzard Point urban design and transportation plans

Contact: Tony Robinson (OCA) (202) 724-5541

(Washington, DC) DC City Administrator Allen Y. Lew has released two preliminary planning documents related to the proposed DC United stadium. All documents related to the soccer stadium legislation, planning and related transactions are available on the Office of the City Administrator website at www.oca.dc.gov.

The Buzzard Point Urban Design Framework Summary is an initial planning document prepared to examine how the planned physical improvements resulting from nearly $1 billion in proposed investments for the soccer stadium and South Capitol Street Bridge will accelerate redevelopment of the area. To ensure that development is consistent with the aspirations and needs of nearby residents, the plan will inform and guide public and private decisions for the next several years. The initial plan was prepared after nearly 20 meetings with civic groups, property owners, district agencies and the Capital Riverfront Business Improvement District.

Additional meetings for Buzzard Point and Anacostia, where a new municipal complex has been proposed, will be announced soon.

The Environmental Mitigation Study Transportation analysis is the first of three planned transportation documents being assembled for the proposed soccer stadium. This initial draft report describes the existing transportation network surrounding the proposed stadium. The full Environmental Mitigation Study for the proposed stadium will be complete and released this fall. The Transportation Management Plan and Traffic Operations Plan will both be completed when the stadium project is approved by the DC City Council.