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Mayor Bowser Emphasizes Resources and Credits Available to Residents Ahead of 2024 Tax Season

Tuesday, January 23, 2024
Residents Encouraged to File For Credits and Incentives to Increase Their Returns. Tax Returns are Due to the IRS by April 15

(Washington, DC) – Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB) encouraged residents to explore available credits, incentives, and resources ahead of the 2024 tax season that can put money back in their pockets. Tax season begins Monday, January 29, and ends Monday, April 15.

Resources available to Washingtonians include the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), DC’s Keep Child Care Affordable Tax Credit, the Senior Citizen/Disabled Property Tax Relief program, and free tax preparation services offered through DISB. 

“When tax season comes, it helps to know which credits and programs you qualify for to maximize your returns,” said Mayor Bowser. “That’s why we’re spreading the word about the tax credits, incentives, and programs available to Washingtonians. If your income is in a certain range, if you pay for child care, if you own property, you could qualify for money back on your taxes. And if you need help filing, there are tax clinics available to make sure you file your returns correctly and on time.”

Resources available to help Washingtonians make the most of their tax returns include:

Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (Federal EITC) 

  • The Federal Earned Income Tax Credit (Federal EITC) provides money back for people who work and who have a low or moderate income.
  • Individuals and families who qualify generally make less than $17,640 and $63,398, respectively. 
  • Through the federal EITC, residents can get back anywhere between $560 to $7,000, on their taxes.
  • To learn more visit: irs.gov/eitc

DC’s Earned Income Tax Credit (DC EITC)

  • The District Earned Income Tax Credit (DC EITC) is a refundable credit for low- and moderate-income workers, separate from the federal EITC. 
  • The DC EITC gives individuals and families 70% of their Federal EITC amount for tax year 2023, one of the highest match rates in the country. 
  • To learn more visit: disb.dc.gov/eitc.

District of Columbia Keep Child Care Affordable Tax Credit

  • In 2019, Mayor Bowser created the Keep Child Care Affordable Tax Credit to make child care more affordable for District families. 
  • The credit is available to taxpayers based on the amount of eligible child care expenses paid by the taxpayer per eligible child. 
  • Last year, the amount of the Keep Child Care Affordable Tax Credit was a maximum of $1,045 per eligible child. 
  • To learn more visit: MyTax.dc.gov.

Disabled or Senior Citizen Property Tax Relief

  • The Senior Citizen Tax Relief Program applies to those property owners who occupy their property as their principal place of residence, are 65 years of age or older, and meet certain income requirements. 
  • When a property owner turns 65 years of age or older, or when he or she is disabled, they may file an application immediately for disabled or senior citizen property tax relief. 
  • This benefit reduces a qualified property owner's property tax by 50%.
  • To learn more visit: MyTax.dc.gov.

DC Free Tax Preparation Locations and Financial Assistance 

  • Free tax clinics are open to all residents. 
  • To find a tax clinic near you, visit disb.dc.gov/freetaxprepresources.
  • The AARP is partnering with DC to support seniors, which includes free tax assistance.
  • To learn more, visit: taxaide.aarpfoundation.org/.

“The tax clinics in the District are an important way for residents to learn about and utilize the many tax resources we have to offer,” said DISB Commissioner Karima Woods. “These clinics are not only free, but they are also conveniently located. Don’t leave money on the table this season; I urge every taxpayer in the District to check the clinics out.”

The deadline to file taxes is April 15, 2024.

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