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DPR Announces the 2014 Spray Parks, Outdoor and Children's Pools Closure Schedule

Sunday, August 10, 2014

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(Washington, DC) The DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) released the Outdoor Aquatic Facilities Closure Schedule for the 2014 summer season.  DPR will implement the first phase of Outdoor Pool closures starting on Sunday, August 10, 2014.

  • All Outdoor Pools will close in waves beginning on Sunday, August 10, 2014.  Pools will close for the season at 6 pm on their respective Sundays.

  • All Children's Pools will close for the season at 6 pm on Sunday, August 17, 2014.

  • All Spray Parks will close for the season at 7 pm on Labor Day, Monday, September 1, 2014.  Please note that select spray parks will undergo renovations after September 1.
  • East Potomac Outdoor Pool will close for the season at 6 pm on Sunday, October 19, 2014.

Below is the comprehensive closure schedule for the 2014 season. 
 Pools are listed by type (Outdoor, Children's and Spray Park) and then by date.  
Please call DPR's Aquatics office at (202) 671-1289 should you have additional questions or need further assistance.


- Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, August 10 for the season:

  • Ward 5: Langdon Park Pool  (2860 Mills Ave., NE)
  • Ward 7: Kelly Miller Pool  (4900 Brooks St., NE)
  • Ward 8: Douglass Pool (1921 Fredrick Douglass Ct., SE)

- Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, August 17 for the season:

  • Ward 1: Happy Hollow Children's Pool (2200 Champlain St., NW)
                  Park View Children's Pool (693 Otis Pl., NW)
  • Ward 5: Harry Thomas Sr. Pool (1743 Lincoln Rd., NE)
  • Ward 6: Lincoln Capper Children's Pool (555 L St., SE)
                 Watkins Children's Pool (420 12th St., SE)
  • Ward 7: Benning Park Pool (5100 Southern Ave., SE)

- Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, August 24 for the season:

  • Ward 2: Jelleff Pool (3265 S St., NW)
                  Volta Park Pool (1555 34th St., NW)
  • Ward 5: Theodore Hagans Jr. Pool (3201 Fort Lincoln Dr., NE)
  • Ward 6: Randall Pool (25 I St., SW)
  • Ward 7: Fort Dupont Pool (830 Ridge Rd., SE)
  • Ward 8: Anacostia Pool (1800 Anacostia Dr., SE)
                  Fort Stanton Pool (1800 Erie St., SE)

- Closing at 6 pm on Monday, September 1 for the season:

  • Ward 1: Banneker Pool (2500 Georgia Ave., NW)
  • Ward 2: Francis Pool (2435 N St., NW)
  • Ward 4: Upshur Pool (4300 Arkansas Ave., NW)
  • Ward 6: Rosedale Pool (1701 Gales St., NE)
  • Ward 8: Oxon Run Pool (501 Mississippi Ave., SE)

- Closing at 6 pm on Sunday, October 19 for the season:

  • Ward 2: East Potomac Pool (972 Ohio Dr., SW)


- Closing at 7 pm on Monday, September 1 for the season:

  • Ward 1: 14th & Girard Street Spray Park (14th and Girard St., NW)
                  14th & Park Road Spray Park (14th St. and Park Rd., NW)  
                  Columbia Heights Spray Park (1480 Girard St., NW)
                  Harrison Spray Park (1330 V St., NW) 
  • Ward 3: Chevy Chase Rec. Ctr. Spray Park (5500 41st St., NW)
                  Friendship Spray Park (4500 Van Ness St., NW); 
                  Macomb Spray Park (3409 Macomb St., NW)
                  Palisades Spray Park (5200 Sherier Pl., NW);
  • Ward 4:  Fort Stevens Spray Park (1327 Van Buren St., NW)
                  Lafayette Spray Park (5900 33rd St., NW)
                  Petworth Spray Park (801 Taylor St., NW)
                  Riggs LaSalle Spray Park (501 Riggs Rd., NE)
                  Takoma Spray Park (300 Van Buren St., NW)
  • Ward 5: Joseph H. Cole Spray Park (1299 Neal St., NE)
                  Turkey Thicket Spray Park (1100 Michigan Ave., NW)
  • Ward 6: Kennedy Spray Park (1401 7th St., NW)
  • Ward 7: Fort Davis Spray Park (1400 41st St., SE) 
                 Hillcrest Spray Park (3100 Denver St., NW)
  • Ward 8: Fort Greble Spray Park (ML King Jr. Ave. & Elmira St., SW)

To contact DPR Aquatics Division, call (202) 671-1289 or 
online at DPR Aquatics Activities or DPR Aquatics Facilities.


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