Washington, DC

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DC Taxicab Commission Authorizes Emergency Shared Riding

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Metrorail Shutdown Prompts Action

MEDIA CONTACT: Neville Waters (202) 645-6020; [email protected]

The DC Taxicab Commission is authorizing the Emergency Expansion of Shared Riding to allow multiple passengers to be picked up together and dropped off at different locations. The Administrative Issuance allows rides to be taken from any of the 57 taxicab stands (full list of locations is attached below) and within one mile of any Metrorail station.
"We are assisting residents and visitors with safe and affordable transportation options in light of the suspension of Metrorail oopetrations," DCTC Chirman Ernest Chrappah said. "The public should be assured that vehicles for hire can fulfill some mobility needs."  
The full Administrative Issuance outlines that shared riding shall be charged as follows: as each passenger reaches their destination, the metered fare shall be paid by the departing passenger(s) and then the meter is started anew to transport to the next destination. All trips shall use the metered taxicab rates and no additional surcharges will be in effect. 
For-hire vehicle operators are advised to monitor the DCTC web site to be aware of updates or changes. Riders who encounter service problems are advised to contact DCTC at 855.484.4966 or [email protected] and provide a brief message describing the issue.