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DC State Athletic Association Is Accepting Applications for 2014-15 Student-Athlete Scholarship Awards Program

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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The DC State Athletic Association is accepting applications for the DCSAA 2014-15 Student-Athlete Scholarship Awards program. Now in its second year, the program provides $1,000 college scholarships to 17 of the District’s top high school student-athletes as part of the DCSAA’s partnerships with Modell’s Sporting Goods and Wendy’s restaurants.

The scholarships are designated for DC high school seniors who have played at least two seasons of varsity sports and maintain at least a 3.0 grade-point average. More information and an application can be found at http://www.dcsaasports.org/2014-2015-student-athlete-scholarship.

“With the help of partners such as Modell’s and Wendy’s, who realize the importance and value of helping young people in our community, we are proud to continue this scholarship program,” DCSAA Executive Director Clark Ray said. “We look forward to reading these applications and helping the winners get started on their journey to college.”

To learn more about the District of Columbia State Athletic Association visit www.dcsaasports.org.

About the District of Columbia State Athletic Association

The mission of the District of Columbia State Athletics Association (DCSAA) is to serve member schools and the maximum number of their student-athletes by providing leadership and support for interscholastic athletic programming that will enrich the education experiences of all participants.

The DCSAA will preserve and promote the educational significance of interscholastic athletics by:

  • Providing for fair competition between member schools;
  • Promoting sportsmanship and ethical behavior;
  • Establishing and enforcing standards of conduct for student-athletes, coaches, administrators, officials and spectators;
  • Protecting the physical well-being of student-athletes and promoting healthy adolescent lifestyles; and
  • Promoting participation of female and disabled students on member teams.