Washington, DC

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DC Snow Team to Deploy Tuesday, January 6, 2015 for Light Snowfall

Monday, January 5, 2015
Sub-freezing temperatures mean snow will stick to streets and sidewalks. Snow team is applying brine/beet juice mixture to streets, bridges today to help prevent freezing.

Contact: Linda Grant, (202) 671-2375

(Washington, DC) The District Snow Team’s (Department of Public Works and Department of Transportation) first full deployment of this snow season will be Tuesday, January 6 when about 200 snow plows will be on their commercial and residential routes by 5 am. Today, trucks are pre-treating streets, bridges and other elevated structures with a brine/beet juice mixture to help prevent Provides a proactive strategy to prevent freezing.

“Snow is expected to begin falling about 6 am and may continue until noon. We may get up to two inches,” said DPW Director William O. Howland. “We are asking property owners to treat their sidewalks before snow begins falling, which will make it easier to clear them after the storm passes. The temperatures will be below freezing Wednesday and Thursday, so clearing sidewalks will be more difficult then.”

Director Howland said property owners can apply an abrasive such as non-clumping kitty litter, rock salt or deicer before tomorrow’s storm begins. 

DPW leaf and holiday tree collection crews are the backbone of the Snow Team, so these crews will return to collection duties after the streets are clear of snow.  DPW will collect trees through January 10 and these trees will be composted. Trees should be placed where trash and recyclables are collected.  Trees placed at the trash/recycling collections site after January 31 will be collected with the trash as space permits in the truck.  REMINDER:  DPW collects trees from single family households and residential buildings with three or fewer living units.  Residents who live in apartment buildings with four or more units should have their trash/recycling hauler collect their trees.

Winter Weather Safety and Preparedness Tips:  Motorists are asked to clear all snow from the vehicle first then drive cautiously.  Assist elderly or disabled neighbors with clearing their sidewalks. Also, for plow drivers’ safety, “Don’t crowd the plow.”  Residents are encouraged to go to snow.dc.gov for updates before, during and after winter storms, and for tips to get one’s home and family prepared for inclement weather.  Residents also may sign up at alert.dc.gov to receive emergency alerts and notifications from Alert DC.

To track the plows, go to snow.dc.gov and click on Track Our Plows: http://snowmap.dc.gov/.

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