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Doing business in DC
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In order to operate legally in the District of Columbia, all businesses must be licensed.

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A permit is required for filming or related activities in DC public space.

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Apply for a Tree Permit - several adults and children assiting to plant a tree

Any residents and contractors who wish to plant, prune, or remove a tree within the public right of way must first obtain permission from the District Department of Transportation and the Urban Forestry Administ

Emergency preparedness
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To add, replace, remodel or repair fuel-burning or unfired pressure vessel equipment such as furnaces or boilers, you must apply for a boiler permit. There are three different types of boiler permits:

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Careful consideration should be given to a company’s legal structure. Some questions to ask: How many owners will there be?
Doing business in DC
Corporate Registration

DCRA's Corporations Division serves as the Office of Corporate Registrar for the District of Columbia. The Corporations Division registers all entities, domestic (DC) or foreign (non-District) that conduct business in the District of Columbia.

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Steps required to obtain a District driver's license, including tests and documentation.

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Get information and applications for certification and licensing across several environmental issues, including air pollution, hazardous substances and water quality.

Doing business in DC
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Use the online form to submit a formal complaint to ABRA regarding alleged violations at an ABC establishment.

Doing business in DC
How do I apply for a position on a board or commission?
Obtain a Motorcycle Endorsement (M) on Your License
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Effective May 1, 2014, the District of Columbia will begin issuing a REAL ID Non-Driver Identification Card and a Limited Purpose Non-Driver Identification Card.

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On behalf of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), which regulates parking in the District, DMV issues permits for special parking privileges to those who qualify.

Doing business in DC

Effective June 2010, the Tour Guide license is now regulated by the Occupational and Professional Licensing Administration.

For more information on Tour Guide licensing, click here.

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Applicants between the ages of 16 ½ - 20 years old will receive a Provisional Driver License after they take and pass the road skills test.

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Public Space Tree Permit - tree-lined sidewalk scene

Anyone, whether resident or contractor, who plants, prunes or removes a public street tree within the Public Right-of-Way must first obtain permission from the DDOT Urban Forestry Administration (UFA).

 Streets, public places and traffic
Short-term Parking Permits

There are several parking programs offered by the District of Columbia government that are designed to accommodate the various parking needs of guests and contractors parking in residential sections of the District, as well as short term visitors to the District.

 Streets, public places and traffic
Specail Tree Permit - tree-lined downtown street scene

The removal of public or private property trees at least 55 inches in circumference, which is equivalent to 17.51 inches in diameter, requires a Special Tree Removal Permit.

 Streets, public places and traffic
Tour Bus Parking - side view of white tour bus from back to front

The following pages include directions to several neighborhoods, major attractions, nearest Metrorail stops (METRO) and available parking for motorcoaches in Washington, DC.

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Learn more about District vehicle registrations and reciprocity stickers.