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Parking and photo enforcement tickets can be paid online.
Middle and high school students can get their DC One Cards at school.
Find electronic filing services, forms, payment options and other information.
Search and apply for DC government jobs.
Steps required to obtain a District driver's license, including tests and documentation.
Certain license categories can be verified using the business license verification system.
Feb 4 2016
The initiative will provide a free book each month by mail to children under age five.
Feb 3 2016
The extended year takes the academic school year from 180 to 200 days.
Feb 2 2016
The final report will be released this summer.
Feb 8 2016 - 18:30
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C represents Shaw, Mount Vernon Square, Chinatown, Blagden Alley...
Feb 8 2016 - 19:00
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6D represents the Near Southwest/Southeast, Carrollsburg, Fort...
Feb 8 2016 - 19:30
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3G represents the Chevy Chase neighborhood. The Advisory...
Feb 9 2016 - 18:30
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7D represents the Eastland Gardens, Kenilworth, Kingman Park, and...
Feb 9 2016 - 19:00
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6B represents the Capitol Hill, Eastern Market, and Barney Circle...


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School is in session! Find printable and electronic calendars.
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The improved 311 platform makes it easier to report and track service issues.

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