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Real Property Data

The District government provides multiple resources to access real property data.   

  • Real Property Tax Database - The Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) provides online access to real property information, including but not limited to: property value, owner's name and address, the property's square feet, and use code. Users can also do a search by address to obtain the square, suffix, and lot.
  • Land Records and Deeds - The Recorder of Deeds maintains the District's land records. Users can search for deeds, many leases, and easements. Tax forms and publications are also available for download. There are forms for deeds, recordation and transfer taxes, liens, exemptions, condominiums, and foreclosures.
  • Zoning Regulations and Maps - The DC Office of Zoning (DCOZ) maintains the District's Zoning Maps. All construction or rehabilitation on private land must conform to the requirements imposed by the Zoning Regulations and Zoning Maps adopted by the DC Zoning Commission. These requirements include land use, density, height, and bulk characteristics.
  • PropertyQuest - The Office of Planning (OP) created PropertyQuest as an easy way to view a wide range of site-related information, especially information on historic resources.
  • DC Government Property Search - The Department of General Services (DGS) maintains The District government's real property inventory.  Locating real property owned or under the jurisdiction of the District government is made simple with the use of an online mapping application.
  • Open Data Catalog - More data is available on the Open Data Catalog.