November 15, 2011

Are you raising your Grandchild, Great-Grandchild, Great-Niece or Great-Nephew? 

D.C. Grandparent Caregivers Program

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The Grandparent Caregivers Program is designed to help older District residents with low incomes who are raising children under age 18. District residents who qualify may get money every month to help care for children living with them.

Is this program for you?

You must meet ALL these conditions:

  • Your grandchild, great-grandchild, great-niece, and/or great-nephew under age 18 has lived with you for the past six months or more.
  • You have been the child’s primary caretaker for the past six months.
  • The child’s parent has not lived with you in the past six months. (This doesn’t count if a court has given you standby guardianship of the child, or if the parent is a minor enrolled in school or a minor with a medically verifiable disability which prevents them from caring for the child)
  • You live in the District.
  • The total of all money coming into your household is below 200 percent of the Federal poverty level (see box at right).
  • You have applied for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) for the child.
  • All adults living in your home must submit the results for national and local criminal background checks and a Child Protection Registry check (to rule out child abuse).

    Please call (202) 442-6009 for more information! 
# of people in your household Combined income
2 $29,420 
3 $37,060 
4 $44,700
5 $52,340
6 $59,980
7 or more $67,620

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