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Parking and photo enforcement tickets can be paid online.
Get started with an unemployment claim.
Find a pool or recreation center near you. 
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Steps required to obtain a District driver's license, including tests and documentation.
Certain license categories can be verified using the business license verification system.
Jul 21 2015
The new director will take office August 3.
Jul 20 2015
DC has an impressive number of top-level swimmers, swim clubs, active swimmers and accessible pools...
Jul 20 2015
Dr. Royster joins the District from Chicago where she served as Director of Behavioral Health for...
Jul 17 2015
Dr. Smith is a retired 23-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Jul 29 2015 - 10:30
(Open Session Board Agenda - view the Board Agenda at the "Agenda" link below) The...
Aug 3 2015 - 19:00
Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8E represents the Congress Heights, Valley Green and Washington...
Aug 4 2015 - 16:00
Come to meet with ALU officers and our counterparts from AARP, OAPIA, DVRP, DCHSEMA. Let's talk...
Aug 4 2015 - 17:00
This event will have information tables as well as games, prizes, food and drink. RSVP on...
Aug 4 2015 - 17:00
National Night Out Kick Off The Fourth District will focus on our large senior population with...


The Heat Emergency Plan goes into effect when the temperature or heat index reaches 95 degrees.
Beat the heat at your local pool or spray park.

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